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8 days, Mt Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Route

The Lemosho route is one of the newer routes on Mount Kilimanjaro. The route begins in the west and rather than simply intersecting Shira Plateau (like Machame), Lemosho crosses it from Shira Ridge to Shira Camp. Climbers encounter low traffic until the route joins the Machame route. Afterwards, Lemosho follows the same route through Lava Tower, Barranco and Barafu, known as the southern circuit.

Lemosho is considered the most beautiful route on Kilimanjaro and grants panoramic vistas on various sides of the mountain. It is our favorite route because it offers a great balance of low traffic, scenic views and a high summit success rate. Thus, Lemosho comes highly recommended.

Way to the top:

Tanzania safari and Kilimanjaro Climbing

Day 1

Arusha (1400 m) – Mti Mkubwa camp (2829 m)

Pick up from your accommodation. Transfer to Kilimanjaro – Lemosho gate 2360m.

Start the first section of the climb through the mountain forest to Mti Mkubwa camp (3-4 hours). Dinner and overnight at Mti Mkubwa camp site 2829m.

Day 2

Mti Mkubwa camp (2829 m) – Shira 1 (3505 m)

After breakfast, follow the steep ridge across health and moorland to Shira 1 campsite at 3505m. Approximate walking time is 5-6 hours.

Meals and overnight at Shira 1 campsite.

Day 3

Shira 1 (3505 m) – Shira 2 (3900 m)

We follow the trail through steep and scramble rock across rainforest to moorland. The path proceed steep to the Southern Glacier Branches, at 4000m we reach our campsite, Barranco, were we overnight. (6-7 hrs)

All meals included.

Day 4

Shira 2 (3900 m) – Barranco camp (3976 m)

Depart towards Lava Tower 4630m (2-3 hours), and next down to Barranco camp 3976m (2-3 hours).

Meals and overnight at Barranco camp.

Day 5

Barranco camp (3976 m) – Karanga camp (4033 m)

After breakfast cross the floor of the Great Barranco Valley, over the steep Barranco wall to the Karanga River-the last water point on this route.

Dinner and overnight at Karanga camp 4033m. (4-5 hours).

Day 6

Karanga Camp (4033 m) – Barafu camp (4673 m)

From 4033m to 4673m will take 4-5 hours.

Dinner and overnight at Barafu camp.

Day 7

Barafu camp (4673 m) – Summit (5895 m) then drop to Millenium Camp (3810 m)

At midnight start for the summit-Uhuru Peak, which is the highest point in Africa at 5895m (7-8 hours). Descend via Barafu Campsite through the forest to Millenium Camp at 3810m (2-3 hours). Meals and overnight at Millenium camp.

Day 8

Millenium Camp (3810 m) – Mweka gate (1640 m). Then transfer to Arusha

After breakfast descend through to the park gate at Mweka Wildlife College 1640m (5-6 hours). Met and transferred to Arusha Town. Dinner and overnight at Hotel in Arusha – Ilboru Safari Lodge (FB)

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